Why use the Professional Real Estate Broker Services of Betsy Phillips to Buy or Sell your Home?

Contrary to popular opinion, moving does not have to be a stressful experience. If you have a great and reliable realtor who knows how to make clients comfortable and solve problems, moving can be a positive and even an exciting time. New neighbors, new friends, new experiences!  Certainly, moving has its difficulties and worries, and real estate transactions are likely the most expensive you’ll ever undertake. For such an important process, you want someone reliable and knowledgeable to help you through that emotional and paperwork-filled rollercoaster. If you’re in the market to buy or sell a new home, you want me, Betsy Phillips, on your team. I have the patience, empathy, and realty know-how to make your next real estate venture a breeze. While I’m taking care of business, you can focus on the adventure of finding a great new home for you and your family!

I have lived on the North Shore all my life and bought, sold, renovated, and rehabbed many properties of my own for 35 years before becoming a realtor. Having made mistakes and learned from my experiences in my personal real estate pursuits, I know the pitfalls and can help others through this process. After many years in other industries, I came to the realization that real estate was my occupational home, and now I am passionate about helping others in the North Shore and Chicagoland area find their own happy homes. I know this area inside and out, and I’m going to be a friendly advocate for your needs throughout the process. I want you to be happy in your new Chicago area home, and you’re going to want to be my neighbor!

In my experience as a broker, I have a proven track record of buying and selling homes and a long list of satisfied clients. In addition to my own personal experiences with properties, I bring to the table a deep knowledge of real estate processes, from initial assessments of price ranges to final closings and all the nitty-gritty details in between. I’m also tech-savvy, street-smart, and a strong negotiator, qualities that make me able to navigate today’s fast-paced society and brokerage world.

I also have strong connections to a team of specialists outside of the primary real estate process who are essential to making a new house a home. I have vetted countless carpenters, electricians, painters and other service providers, and I know the good ones to send to clients when they need things repaired. I’m a dogged (and dog-loving) negotiator and team manager whose goal is getting you settled in your new Chicago-area home at the right price and with minimal stress and maximum enthusiasm!